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English-speaking study circle: first meeting Wed 18 Mar

Tapahtumat· Helsinki 18.3.·Helsinki (Myhki / HYMY)·

The English-speaking group within Friends of the Earth Helsinki is starting a study circle on topics chosen by participants. The first gathering of this circle is on Wednesday the 18th of March at 6 P.M. online (due to the corona virus).

Our study circles usually work so that texts are selected together, participants read them in their own time and gatherings are devoted to discuss the texts in question (and any other subjects that spring to mind). In the first meeting we will decide what to read and at what pace, and all proposed texts will be introduced briefly. If you want to propose a text (book, article, report, play, blog post etc., also other types of media can be considered), be prepared to introduce it to others. You don't necessarily have to have read the text. Also, we want to keep the study circle approachable, so that participants don't need particular expertise beforehand, so very advanced theoretical or technical stuff is not that suitable for this.

Themes should somehow connect to what Friends of the Earth are dealing with, but this can be quite broad. So far texts have been proposed around the themes of climate change (IPCC reports), critiques of extractivism and new communication technologies, systemic alternatives and social ecology.

Due to the corona virus, the meeting has been moved from Ulrika to some suitable online platform. Please sign up for the study circle beforehand by e-mail (to the address below), so we can send you the link to the online meeting. We will use something like Jitsi Meet, so that you won't need to install anything – just an up-to-date web browser should suffice. At least Chrome should work OK, there have been some problems with Firefox lately.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail: helsinki [at]