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English group on Sun Nov 25: Direct action and anti-aviation

Tapahtumat· Helsinki 25.11.·Helsinki (Myhki / HYMY)·

The English-speaking group of Friends of the Earth Helsinki will meet on Sunday, November the 25th from 4 P.M. onwards at Villa Paulig. This time we'll be discussing direct action as a tool and anti-aviation as a theme (not necessarily together, but not necessarily separately either). Recommended non-compulsory reading consists of the websites of a few interesting initiatives:

Ende Gelände:
Extinction Rebellion:
Stay Grounded: this article about not flying when you're a climate scientist:

Villa Paulig is an old yellow wooden villa in Töölö. The address is Mechelininkatu 36 B (ring the doorbell by the entrance on the left). There'll be something vegan to eat, too.