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International Newcomers' Evening on Tue Oct 9

Tapahtumat· Helsinki 9.10.·Helsinki (Myhki / HYMY)·

Villa Paulig.

Friends of the Earth Helsinki Region & University organises an international newcomers' evening! It will take place on Tuesday the 9th of October from 7 P.M. to about 9 P.M. at the Friends of the Earth Finland office at Villa Paulig (Pauligin huvila), Mechelininkatu 36 B. There are two entrances to the house, take the one on the left and ring the doorbell to get in.

The evening will consist of:
- a short introduction to Friends of the Earth in general (international, national and local levels)
- getting to know each other, our interests and capabilities in a FoE context
- upcoming events and other opportunities for action (also outside FoE)
- what people would want to do / organise / participate in

So this is a good opportunity to come and see what FoE is about. No previous experience is needed, but you might want to check out the FoE International and FoE Europe websites beforehand.

The evening will be in English, and there will be tea and some vegan snacks. Welcome!